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11/13/19 | Bates Hunter Core Samples

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Bates Hunter Core Samples

Following the completion of the re-logging of over 12,000 ft of BH core, additional areas of the core that were previously unsampled were split for analysis. This core is all from surface drilling and varies between 1.5 - 3 inches in diameter.


Samples were taken from multiple holes and depths. Description of samples follow the data table.

Samples were sent to Hazen Research, Inc. in Golden, Colorado who performed fire assay analysis with gravimetric finish. Results presented in Table 1.0 are from Analytical Report 19M03197.

Sample Description and Depths Down Hole

BH0601-001      330.4”-330.8”: Quartz vein with black and Pyrite mineralization with some limonite. ~0.7" thick.

BH0601-002      360’-362’: Highly altered rock with disseminated Pyrite. Abundant Stringers wider than 0.4". Grey/blue quartz color.

BH0602-001      889.8”-890.5”: Quartz vein 1.0" thick, quartz has purple hinge, rich with Pyrite, chalcocite with possible galena. Minor chlorite.

BH0602-002      938’-938.9”: Pyrite vein 0.4" thick with hematite stringers. Purple hinge to the quartz.

BH0602-003      1796.4”-1796.6”: Vein is 0.3" thick with Quartz, Pyrite, Chalcopyrite and Hematite.

BH0602-004      796.1”-799”: Highly altered with abundant stringers of Pyrite, Chalcocite, Bornite, Galena and Chlorite.

BH0707-001      1943.2”-1943.6”:  Pyrite and chalcopyrite vein 0.4" thick. Little to no alteration beyond vein boundary.

BH0809-001      1481’-1484’: Lightly Altered rock with abundant Pyrite stringers and magnetite crystals.

BH0810-001      1163.4”-1164.4”: Quartz with Pyrite vein spanning entire sample.

BH0810-002      1164.4”-1165.4”: Quartz with Pyrite vein spanning entire sample.

BH0810-003      1165.4”-1166.4”: Quartz with Pyrite vein spanning entire sample.

BH0810-004      1166.4”-1167.4”: Quartz with Pyrite vein spanning entire sample.

BH0810-005      1167.4”-1168’: Quartz with Pyrite spanning entire sample.

BH0810-006      1205’-1207’: Highly altered, very sericitic. Abundant Pyrite and very brittle.

BH0810-007      1207’-1209’: Very altered, sericitic, somewhat brittle.

BH0810-008      1062’-1062.8”: Quartz veins with Pyrite about 1.5" thick.

Tools used to obtain these cut samples include diamond blade saw and appropriate personal protective equipment. These samples are the twelfth set of samples taken by the current operator of the Bates-Hunter mine, BH Mining Company.

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