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5/16/19 | Grab Samples

Grab Samples were taken from three different working levels within the Bates Hunter Mine. Samples came from collapsed remnants of the back and ribs at each location. All the samples were taken from locations safely accessible for a two-person crew to remove from the sill as well as chip off ribs and back. Samples were sent to Hazen Research, Inc. in Golden, Colorado who performed fire assay analysis with gravimetric finish. Results presented in Table 1.0 are from Analytical Report 

19M01840 and 19M01858.


Tools used to obtain these cut and grab samples include hammer and chisel, electric hammer drill and electric grinder, sample bags and appropriate personal protective equipment. These samples are the seventh set of samples taken by the current operator of the Bates-Hunter mine, BH Mining Company.  

Screenshot 2022-09-09 at 1.34.11 PM.png

Sample Location Descriptions


163-007: Accessible via the 163 ft landing above a small face and approximately 35-45 feet down the West drift. Most of the mineralized ore came from the hanging wall. Sample physical appearance is black and sooty with abundant pyrite and occasional quartz stringers, within a sericite matrix.


220-001: Accessible via a temporary landing at the 220 ft level is a small pocket of mined out vein about 5-25 feet East of the shaft. The remaining vein material, still insitu, is different from the rest of the accessible and sampled vein outcroppings seen throughout the mine. Very hard, opaque quartz crystals with a yellow/orange stain or citrine variety with much more abundant peacocking of copper minerals. Sericite immediately surrounding vein and a weathered biotite gneiss past the sericite halo.


240-001:  Accessible via the 240 ft landing down the west drift approximately 120 ft west of shaft. There is an intersection of multiple drifts with a low hanging stull filled to the back with muck and collapsed back and rib and abundant ore in easy access. Mineralogy is the typical sooty black mineral with abundant pyrite within a quartz sericite matrix. Although, these ore bearing minerals seem to be slightly larger and more crystalized than on the 163 ft level.


Mineralized material located in fill and easily accessible vein remnants is being gathered for bulk sample analysis to include metallurgical recovery and mineral processing properties.

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