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4/22/19 | West Hunter Escape | 25 Feet

Grab Sample 

In March and April of 2019 BH mining crews began scaling down the West Hunter shaft and appropriately installing ladders and landings where necessary. The West Hunter shaft is about 350 ft South West of the Bates Hunter shaft and will be used for escape route purposes. The first landing installed is approximately 25 feet from the collar of the shaft. On the western face of the stope there is an easily accessible near vertical vein spanning about 4 inches wide and contains the usual dark grey vein material seen throughout the Bates Hunter mine. A sample was collected (not representative of vein width) and sent to Hazen Research, Inc. in Golden, Colorado who performed fire assay analysis with gravimetric finish. Results presented in Table 1.0 are from Analytical Report 19M01701-001.

Screenshot 2022-09-09 at 1.31.29 PM.png

Tools used to obtain this grab samples include hammer and chisel, electric hammer drill, sample bags and appropriate personal protective equipment. This sample is the 6th set of samples taken by the current operator of the Bates-Hunter mine, BH Mining Company.  


Near-term planned work includes collection of mineralized material located in fill and easily accessible vein remnants for bulk sample analysis to include metallurgical recovery and mineral processing properties.

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