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2022 | June – New Notes from the Underground

Greetings from aboveground. Not all people who moil for gold do so subterranean. And so, I come to you today from the GS Mining corporate offices in sunny Los Angeles, where, when not fighting off the slings and arrows of outrageous mendacity, the march to production continues. Allow me to bring you up to date on important developments in relation to our current plans.

We are closer now than we have ever been to commercial production, and we gain ground daily. The last year has been both clogged with delays and extremely costly. But starting in March, we have stepped on the gas and are heading in the right direction. We could get there faster if we had more money. Additional financing would also enable us to focus on the Clay County Mine and our other resources which sit waiting for us to finish the Golden Gilpin. To those ends, I can share some very encouraging developments. REVENUE - COMING RIGHT UP

GS Mining Company is on the cusp of success without any traditional borrowing/lending or bank funding. We own the Black Eagle free and clear and there are no liens or attachments on any of our equipment. The option on the Bates Hunter and Goldin Gilpin Mill has been extended to June 2025. We have thousands of tons of material waiting to be milled. We are sitting comfortably in the catbird seat about to seize fortune. Given this status, now is the time to leverage our assets and empower our options.

I am pleased to announce that we have signed a term sheet with an internationally recognized and prominent gold streaming company (at this stage the identity is subject to a Non-Disclosure Agreement) for an advance gold sale of six million dollars ($6,000,000). Delivery of the gold begins on a favorable (to us) schedule when we are in production. That company is currently conducting due diligence on our potential gold production. We are confident that they will be more than satisfied with our planned production schedule. We will provide more complete details when we’ve entered into a final agreement, but for those of you who have been waiting for actual revenue – this is it (and only the beginning).

We have also entered into a binding agreement for funding with a new and unique company named PM Streaming Company. This company’s business model involves raising capital through the sale of Digital Tokens and NFTs, and then connecting those assets to gold values creating the only NFT on the market that has a floor valuation based on gold, but an unlimited ceiling based on the NFT Market. We have agreed to provide gold to PM Streaming, subject to our production of gold and requests from NFT Holders to convert to physical gold. PM Streaming is still putting the finishing touches on its website and payment page. I’m informed that a sample website can be found at, but that it is not final and should only be viewed as a product still in the draft stage. We expect that the company will launch and begin sales this coming week. We will be funded as their sales proceed.

And lastly, this could be a very big weekend for us. For the past couple of months, we have been actively engaged with a private equity fund that specializes in mining investments. I am bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement and cannot provide the name at this time, but I can say that the fund has handled over $2.5 billion in gold sales and has raised over $1 billion for investment in mining companies. Also of note, the fund does not look at any project investments below $25 million. Their chief geologist (who divides his time between projects in North America, South America, and India) has reviewed all of our written material and scientific reports and is arriving in Colorado with his team specifically for purposes of in person due diligence. Without getting too excited at this stage, this could set the stage for the type of funding that would allow us to expedite our business plans and get to work on the Clay, Black Eagle, and the Gregory Bates. Also, we have not put all our funding eggs in one basket. We have been dealing with another private equity fund with offices in NYC and Denver. One of its principals has been in regular contact with Matt Collins and Steve Humphray and has made several trips to the mine. He informs us that he expects to have a funding package for us that will be sufficient for us to pay off our mine options and start-up the Black Eagle Mill. And finally, I expect this week that we will finalize the terms of an engagement with a major Wall Street mining investment fund that believes we are an appropriate home for $50- $100 million in funding to expand our operations and turn us into a major gold player. I will provide that name once the deal has been inked.

You know me (or at least some of you do). I am the eternal optimist; and I will continue to burn the midnight (and even daylight) oil, following up on these and every other opportunity I can find. They key is to keep digging – there’s got to be a pony in there somewhere.

GOLD As I write this letter it is worth noting that the spot price of gold has reached $1880 an ounce. Whether it will continue in its recent run-up, draw back, or bounce around is uncertain. Goldman Sachs recently opined that gold will reach $2,500 by the end of 2022. As Yogi Berra famously stated, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” But even given that philosophical caveat, it does seem that gold is trending upward. What all this means is that the last offer we made to sell gold for future delivery at $1,700 an ounce is a pretty good deal. In contrast to PM Streaming which advertises gold at spot prices which it claims to be analogous to wholesale, our offer is about 10% below spot – a deal we have been unable to find advertised anywhere else in the world. This is the last chance for this offer which ends this Friday the 17th. It won’t be extended and after Friday we intend to sell our products at market rates. – and to continue doing so for decades to come. If you are interested, please contact Franklin Levy at or Bob Herdina at Cheers GS Mining


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This report may be deemed to contain “forward-looking” statements. We desire to take advantage of the “safe harbor” provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and we are including this statement for the express purpose of availing ourselves of the protections of such safe harbor with respect to all of such forward-looking statements. Examples of forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to (i) projections of revenues, income or loss, earnings or loss per share, capital expenditures, growth prospects, dividends, capital structure and other financial items, (ii) statements of plans and objectives of ours or our management or Board of Directors, including the introduction of new products or services, or estimates or predictions of actions by customers, suppliers, competitors or regulating authorities, (iii) statements of future economic performance and (iv) statements of assumptions underlying other statements and statements about us or our business.


Our ability to predict projected results or to predict the effect of any legislation or other pending events on our operating results is inherently uncertain. Therefore, we wish to caution each reader of the report to carefully consider specific factors, including competition for products, services and technology; the uncertainty of developing or obtaining rights to new products, services or technologies that will be accepted by the market; the effects of government regulations and other factors discussed herein because such factors in some cases have affected; and in the future (together with other factors) could affect, our ability to achieve our projected results and may cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed herein.

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